Junkyard Chard is an electrifying live performer whose devotion to the classics deliver memorable performances that leave a lasting impression.

Memorable and Nostalgic Music Experience


Live Performer for all Events

Who Is Junkyard Chard

Junkyard Chard is a well experienced and unique live music performer who is deeply passionate about performing classic songs, playing a huge repertoire of classics from Rock, Pop, Blues, Rock and Roll and more.

With exceptional skills and a burning love for music, he brings these timeless hits to life on stage, always capturing the hearts of his audience.

Junkyard Chard delivers memorable performances that leave a lasting impression. His devotion to the classics shines through every note he plays, transporting listeners to a bygone era filled with unforgettable sounds.

From iconic guitar solos to powerful vocals, Junkyard Chard's talent and dedication to his craft make him a true standout in the music industry.


Junkyard's huge repertoire includes iconic songs from legendary artists, ensuring a nostalgic and memorable experience transporting the audience back in time to the golden era of music.

Whatever your Genre Whatever your Feel

With a repertoire of over 400 songs, Junkyard Chard can cater for any event needs.

Playing well known songs from all genres for any situation, be it laid back non-intrusive background music or an upfront and upbeat floor filling performance. The choice is yours.

One Man Band Performer

The use of of suitcase drums whilst performing always creates a more upbeat style and adds another dimension for a more memorable performance

Acoustic Guitar

An Acoustic guitar along with a voice is the most natural and beautiful sound and can be used for both chilled out background music and upbeat party sing a longs

Electric Guitar

The Electric guitar can chime out beautiful clean sounds but when cranked up dirty can really get the party started and iconic guitar riffs ringing out

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person holding smartphone while taking videos at live concert
person holding smartphone while taking videos at live concert