Junkyard Chard offers a unique live music

experience playing a large

repertoire of classics from Rock, Pop,

Blues, Rock and Roll and Funk.

So whether its electrifying Rock riffs,

aching Blues notes, infectious pop choruses or hip twisting Rock and Roll you are after……

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The One Man Band

Solo Guitarist/Singer

Who is Junkyard Chard

Junkyard Chard is an electrifying live performer whose devotion to the classics of Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk and Rock and Roll delivers memorable performances that leave a lasting impression.

With his energetic and captivating performances, he transports the audience back in time to the golden era of music.

Junkyard's repertoire includes iconic songs from legendary artists, ensuring a nostalgic and memorable experience for all music enthusiasts.

With his passion for music and ability to play most styles, Junkyard Chard is the perfect choice for any event or venue looking to provide a high-energy and unforgettable live music experience.

P.S. He also plays softly for a more intimate vibe. He has an awesome acoustic set, perfect for live background music scenarios.

Easy Listening

I have a large repertoire of songs to draw from to best suit your needs and tastes. Each song is carefully selected and arranged for a solo performance encompassing different genres and styles, from soulful ballads to energetic rock anthems. Whether it's a soothing melody or an electrifying rhythm, let me take you on a musical journey filled with harmonious melodies and unforgettable performances.


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Recent Performance

A few clips from a recent acoustic gig celebrating St Partick's Day.

Singing, dancing and all out celebrating.....

Great fun!!!

Live Sample

Here is a quick look at a previous show...


A Showreel from my performance at this years DevaFest. An awesome music festival in Cheshire.

Rock Set

Junkyard Chard performs an energetic show belting out 80's Rock anthems from legendary artists and bands,

Unforgettable guitar riffs a plenty with this one so back comb your hair and get out your air guitar to play along with all the iconic guitar solos.

Classic Rock Set

Another energetic show listening back to the origins of Rock music from the 60's and 70's.

Such a great time in music history with the creation of Rock and showcasing what the electric guitar can do. Get your "Hippie" on!

Rock n' Roll Set

Lets Jive the night away with this one.

I guarantee you won't be able to keep your feet still during this set. It starts with the foot tapping, then the hips start swinging and then the next thing you know, you are up on the dance floor "Twisting" again like it was last Summer or something.

Blues Set

Ahhhh, the foundation of all this Rock music.

This set is to be enjoyed sat back in a comfy chair and savoured like an aged Bourbon. From energetic distortion led guitar to chilled out acoustic tones, either way, Junkyard will be singing about some woman leaving him and all he has now is his dog.

Acoustic Set

A intimate set of more laid back easy listening tunes.

Rock, Pop, Blues and Rock n Roll, this set has it all but chilled out and mellowed out man. Including instrumentals, this is a great set for background music for when you need to get on with other things, like err, talking to the people you're sat with maybe.

We can't forget Pop music.

This set will really bring the audience together while they sing their hearts out to all the infectious choruses of all the classic Pop songs from years gone by.

Get ready to hear some belters from decades ago, which I'm sure will trigger lots of nostalgia for you. Plus a sore throat in the morning.

Pop Set

I have known Richie since he started Open Mic in The Centurion Pub.

His setup of PA, instruments and mics are excellent and he has excelled since his arrival. There are plenty of musicians now turning up to play every Thursday night and Richie also helps and tutors anyone whom might be a bit microphone or guitar shy.

The best part of the evening is when we all jam together for the last 15 minutes. Would highly recommend Richie for any kind of gig or party.

Regards David.

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